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Blood: The Last Vampire, Gianna Jun The Samurai Vampire

Movie Title : BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE (2009)
Alternate Title : Last Blood, Rasuto Buraddo (Japan)
Film Location : United States and Dali, Yunnan Province, China
Genre : Horror Thriller
Director : Chris Nahon
Script Writer : Kenji Kamiyama, Katsuya Terada, Chris Chow and Ronny Yu
Production Company : Samuel Goldwyn Films
Duration : 1 hours 29 minutes
Official Website : -


Blood, The Last Vampire (better known tittled as Rasuto Buraddo in Japan) is the action film tells the tale of a half human and half vampire named Saya (Gianna Jun). Saya is a young Japanese girl aged around 17 years, she has beautiful face and exotic body, but Saya is a murderer engine of 400 years. Born half-vampire by her parents, Saya (Gianna Jun) was obsessed with samurai skills to use and want to save the world from the vampires attack. While everyone knows that can survive through the blood that he always hurry.

photo Gianna Jun wallpaper of The Last Vampire
In Blood, The Last Vampire, Saya has better ability than others. At the end of the year 1940s, she was sent to the United States military headquarters based in Tokyo asked by organizations that work for her. Saya immediately realized that this may be her last chance to destroy Onigen (Koyuki), the leader of all vampires. Saya use super strength and use samurai swords skills, she started to use best force to against her enemy, Onigen. But then she realized that the relationship of friendship with fellow human beings can overcome the strength of Onigen.

How is the next Saya story? Do not forget to watch the film Blood, The Last Vampire movie starred by the beautiful artists and handsome actors such as Gianna Jun, Masiela Lusha, Allison Miller and Liam Cunningham in the movie theater in the city nearest you. You can search Photos and Biodata Gianna Jun, Masiela Lusha, and Allison Miller through the search engine on the internet.

Gianna Jun as Saya
Masiela Lusha as Sharon
Allison Miller as Alice Mckee
Liam Cunningham as Michael
JJ Feild as Luke
Koyuki as Onigen
Michael Byrne as Elder
Yasuaki Kurata as Kato Takatora

12 ROUNDS, John Cena New Orleans Police Detective

Movie Title : 12 ROUNDS
Film Location : New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Genre : Action Thriller
Director : Renny Harlin (Cliffhanger, Die Hard 2, Deep Blue Sea, A Long Kiss Goodnight)
Script Writer : Daniel Kunka
Producers : Josh McLaughlin, Mark Gordon
Production Company : 20th Century Fox
Official Website :
Release Date : 27 March 2009


DETECTIVE DANNY FISHER (John Cena) is a New Orleans Police Detective. He try stops an international terrorist and brilliant thief named MILES JACKSON (Aidan Gillen) who has kidnapped MOLLY PORTER (Ashley Scott), Danny Fisher’s girlfriend. So forced him into a dangerous games with series of near impossible puzzles and tasks for 12 Rounds.
John Cena
pictures John Cena wallpaper on 12 Rounds
Miles Jackson is one of the most wanted criminals and most feared people in the world. So, after accident results in the death of Miles girlfriend, and Miles has in prison for a year. After escapes from prison, Miles try to kidnaps Danny's girlfriend with the purpose of seeking vengeance. Detective Danny Fisher will do anything to stop the terrorist and he do some twisted games and try to stop the dangerous plan of the terrorist. An international arms dealer (Aidan Gillen), try to help Miles Jackson. He is very expert in explosive, murder, mayhem and kidnapping, Miles may be a sociopath but he is also criminal genius.

Detective Danny Fisher with the assistance and help of friends, Hank Carver (Brian White), Special Agent George Aiken (Steve Harris) and Special Agent Ray Santiago (Gonzalo Menendez) as FBI agent try to hunt down and capture the terrorist. Can Dany whether assisted by the FBI agents are able to stop terrorism and save Molly from criminal Miles Jackson? You can see spectacular action from John Cena, the master of WWE here.

John Cena as Detective Danny Fisher
Aidan Gillen as Miles Jackson
Ashley Scott as Molly Porter
Steve Harris as Special Agent George Aiken
Brian J. White as Detective Hank Carver
Gonzalo Menendez as Special Agent Ray Santiago

BOAT, Satoshi Tsumabuki Criminals Duet Jung-Woo Ha

Boat Wallpaper

Movie Title : BOAT (2009)
Film Location : Niigata, Japan
Genre : Drama
Director : Kim Young-nam
Script Writer : Aya Watanabe
Producer : Lee Jun-ho, Osamu Kubota
Production Company : Craze Pictures Productions
Duration : 115 minutes
Visual Effects : Ko Eun Koni Jung
Release Date : 28 June 2009


Hyeong-ku (Jung-woo Ha) is a Korean youth, every month he always went to Japan for three or four times. He worked for money at smuggling business as a runner and always work successfully. Hyeong-ku always use small boats to transport and smuggle drugs to the partners in Japan, Toru (Satoshi Tsumabuki).
Eri Tokunaga
Eri Tokunaga kidnapped by Satoshi Tsumabuki photo gallery

When they have a mandate from boss which named Bo-gyung (Shihori Kanjiya) to kidnap a sexy Japanese girl named Jisu (Eri Tokunaga) and bring him to Japan, Toru saw the opportunity to steal money $ 2 million, it's big money from the organizations. However, if Hyeong-ku get caught it will then bad things happen to them. Is their mission to deliver Jisu from the criminals and stealing money from the mafia organization successful? Watch Boat movies which made in the area of Niigata, Japan. Here you can witness the spectacular akting's Satoshi Tsumabuki, Ha Jung-Woo, Eri Tokunaga and Shihori Kanjiya in the Boat.

Satoshi Tsumabuki as Toru
Jung-woo Ha as Hyeong-Ku
Shihori Kanjiya as Bo-gyung
Eri Tokunaga as Jisu

MOTHER, From South Korea to Cannes Festival

Mother Korea

Movie Title : MOTHER (2009)
Alternate Title : Madre in Spanish
Film Location : South Korea
Genre : Drama Thriller
Director : Joon-ho Bong
Script Writer : Park Eun-kyo, Bong Joon-ho
Producers : Choi Jae-Won, Seo Woo-sik
Original Music : Lee Byeong-Woo
Production Company : Barunson CJ Entertainment
Time Duration : 128 minutes
Official Website : -
Release Date : 28 May 2009 in South Korea, 16 May 2009 at Cannes Film Festival


A mother (Kim Hye-Ja) who has been a widow for a long time, he lives alone only with her son, Do-Joon (Won Bin). Do-Joon aged 28 years, but he was a self-conscious youth-boy. Cases occurred after the grisly murder, the mother became despondent because her son was a main suspect. Although there is no strong evidence that her son is guilty, but police remain skeptical to the Don-Joon because there is no other way to prove that he was a murderer innocence.
Won Bin
photo Won Bin in Mother wallpaper
Police want to immediately close the case, and police are very happy with the investigation and they have a suspect, although the evidence is weak. His defense attorney turns out to be not trustworthy and less evident, create confidence seems inevitable. Because is does not have any other choice, his mother became involved and determined to prove that her son is not guilty and should be free from imprisonment. MOTHER film production from South Korea country at this time enter in the event Cannes Film Festival in France, with famous stars such as Korea's Won Bin, Jin Ku and Kim Hye-ja, the impression is eligible to watch because very interesting.

This movie Mother also has already to distribute in Spanish, France (Diaphana Films) and in Japan through Bitters End.

Won Bin as Do-Joon
Kim Hye-ja as Mother
Ku Jin