Monday, May 11, 2009

POCONG KAMAR SEBELAH, Rahma Azhari Horror Movie

Film Location : Indonesia
Genre : Horror
Director : Ian Jacobs
Script Writer : Farah Mandala
Producer : Zainal Susanto
Production Company : Mitra Pictures
Duration : 80 minutes
Official Website : -
Release Date : 28 Mei 2009


A sexy girl named FELISA (Rahma Azhari) recently entered in a horror boarding house. MRS. RATMI, the boarding house owner, placed Felisha in a room side to the empty room, which is never opened almost 3 years. Felisa prohibited by Mrs. Ratmi to enter the room. Meanwhile, handsome man named RANDY (Andrew Ralph), grandson of Mrs. Ratmi, falling in love to Felisa. Randy always try to get true love from Felisa, but Felisa does not give hope to Randy. Felisa would fall in love with MARVIN (Reza Pahlevi) , who is also the boardinghouse's friend.

At 12 pm everynight, Felisa always hear the misterious cry of a woman from the next room. Until in the third night, Felisa was opened the room. Since then, she have not heard screaming again, but Felisha always hear a strange voice. Randi and Mrs. Ratmi also hear the strange voice. MBAH JIMAT, an expert healer said since the room was opened, then the evil spirits always hang around.

Because Felisha (Rahma Azhari) is very fear, she has the intention to go to other boarding house immediately, but Mbah Jimat prohibited her, because Felisa can become the next victim. Then Mbah Jimat told to Felisa to open the Pocong strap who has been in the sepulcher in the back of the room. Felisa with fear and very necessary, open the Pocong strap. But terror is still continuosly, even Mrs Ratmi and Randy also as the victims. Can Felisa and Randy pass from Pocong terror? You can see the continous story of FILM POCONG KAMAR SEBELAH, which starring by Rahma Azhari, Andrew Ralph and Reza Pahlevi at nearest cinemas in your town area.

Rahma Azhari as Felisa
Andrew Ralph as Randy
Reza Pahlevi as Marvin